Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Most Inspiring Names At A Gospel Book Store

By Catherine Wallace

Reading gospel books is one effective way by which Christians can grow up spiritually. Apart from the Bible, gospel books have made tremendous impacts on the lives of many faithful readers. The different levels of exposure to gospel books among Christians make a major difference in the way they live their lives.

Inasmuch as gospel books are generally encouraged, there are some that have been known to make more impact amongst readers. They are the best sellers written by well-inspired writers. As a result of the demands for their books, their names are found on almost any gospel book store you walk into. Some of the most popular Christian authors whose books can make a change in your life include Watchman Nee, Francis Chan, David Platt, Sarah Young, John Piper, Billy Graham, CS Lewis, Oswald Chambers, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren and Lee Strobel.

"The Case for Christ" and "The Case for Faith" are two best sellers from Lee Strobel. Lee was initially an atheist who never knew that apart from knowing God, he would also become an instrument in His hands for many to be saved. He had decided to be a journalist to cause more ridicule to the gospel but things turned the opposite against his initial desire. He was however happy for the change he met.

Rick Warren is a Christian writer you would love for his inspirational talks. His books make as much sense as his talks on the pulpit. Rick is a pastor and the founder of Saddleback Church. Apart from "The Purpose Driven Life, " Rick has touched the lives of many through seminars and conferences he has been invited to.

Billy Graham is one name you cannot exclude when you want to talk about gospel writers that have made tremendous impacts on the lives of men. In fact, he is taken by many as the most successful evangelist in the 1900s. He has helped several political icons by giving them godly advice that helped to make their tenure successful; Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon are some of those he has served in this capacity. In his outreaches, Billy Graham has ministered to more than 2 billion people across the world. Out of this estimated number, about 3.2 million of them answered the altar call for repentance.

Oswald Chambers was not able to publish all the books he wrote before he died. One of the books that were published posthumously was "My Utmost for His Highest." Some other notable works include "Hope, a Holy Promise, " and "If You Will Ask"

Watchman Nee is another Christian writer no one can neglect. He was born on November 4, 1903, and died on June 1, 1972, in China. He wrote very inspiring books such as The Normal Christian Life, The Release of the Spirit, Spiritual Authority, and Sit, Walk, Stand.

Many of these gospel books are still available today. It is either you can get them at gospel book shops or you can order them online for a few dollars. Many of the stores are capable of shipping their books across borders and payment systems have never been a problem.

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