Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hitchhiking Book And Other Useful Tips You Could Follow

By Dorothy Morris

Hitchhiking is when people get a ride from passing vehicles that are usually strangers to travel to your destination. They are usually free but sometimes the hitchhikers will offer to chip in for their gas just to be allowed by the driver. Usual reasons for this aside from being free is that their own car has broke down or they have no more money enough for transportation.

Other people may want to try doing this but have no idea how to properly do so safely specially when you are at the vehicle of strangers. But when you learn how, you could have great adventures which others even turned into hitchhiking book for others to read. Here are several effective tips that you can follow for a better experience.

Approach cars in nearby gas stations because you may see who they are first before meeting them and make your judgment on their trustworthiness. You could start a conversation and try to learn more about them so you can decide to either ask them or not. It will be your way to know where their destination would be and if it is convenient for both parties.

If a nearby gas station is unable then look for places where vehicles go slower when compared to other places. These are normally uphill slopes which most cars could not go faster when compared with the downhill slopes where automobiles tend to race by. This would allow them to see your trustworthiness from afar until they reach you.

Pick an area where cars can pull aside easily without causing a traffic jam so there will not be any accidents that might happen. Avoid hitchhiking in middle of the city because people usually go on short distances and anywhere around. Edge of cities are better waiting place just before a highway because vehicles passing there usually have the same general destination.

Using signs that states your destination would help in finding a person to offer you a lift specially if an intersection is there ahead. But this also has a disadvantage specially when they will go halfway only towards your destination. Most people fail to realize that multiple rides are fine when going to your destination and riding once is not important.

Always wear a smile when hitchhiking because those people that picks you up also want to have some company. They like to talk with people specially during a long trip so they will choose those that are wearing a smile. Those that looks grumpy and a jerk will have a hard time getting a lift because drivers avoid individuals like them.

Dress properly and take a shower because they do not want to pick up strangers that have questionable appearance and smells bad. Shave your beard and wear the cleanest clothes you have for better chances. And females better dress up less provocatively to avoid getting picked by the wrong kind of guys.

Offer to give a little for gas but some might not accept this or even expect it. This is a way of politely showing your gratitude for their help. If you have no cash to offer then other things like food and souvenirs will suffice.

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