Friday, July 14, 2017

Top Five Characters A Psychological Thriller Book Contains That Readers Notice

By Shirley Roberts

A writing style that is commonly associated with detective fiction and Gothic literature is called thriller. This is a genre in literature that has to do with the psychological and mental states of the men and women in these stories. Generally, it has a lot of drama, horror, mystery, action, and elements of surrealism.

The most common themes that these types of stories have generally include topics that discuss reality, perception, the existence and purpose of humanity, a sense of identity, and sometimes even death. However, without a set of fascinating people, a story cannot be made nor completed. This article will be discussing the top five characters that a psychological thriller book contains.

Aside from having a substantial plot and applying various writing techniques, the makings of an excellent novel include having complex and interesting characters. This is a detrimental aspect because without them, a plot cannot exist and there would be nothing to write about. That is why authors should place a lot of thought into them when composing.

The main protagonist is generally the main character in most thrillers and is the person that is focused on the most. Since these types of stories usually centers around crime and the law, protagonists will usually have the role of a police officer, an investigator, or a reporter. Other authors will turn this rule around and make it the victim of the antagonist instead who is struggling to overcome their situation.

The protagonist will usually have his or her own personal sidekick that accompanies them in their quest for the truth. This is not the case in every story though, and there are many other secondary roles in a book. This typically includes family members, friends, colleagues, and more.

Perhaps the only person in a story that is just as important as the protagonist is the antagonist. Without these men and women existing to create problems and create conflict, a novel will remain stagnant and nothing interesting will happen. Due to the nature of this genre, they are mostly assigned the roles of murderers, assassins, and gangsters.

Just like the protagonist, antagonists will also have people that surround them to explain the way they act and feel. They can also have family members and close friends that are a reflection of their personality and what kind of disposition they have. Aside from that, minions or henchmen are also popular choices for their companions.

The last type is optional, but some authors will choose to have in their book anyway even though it is not necessary. Though there are some plot lines that will require a love interest for it to work out, there are some authors who choose to have a love interest for the main character simply for the sake of it. Since love is a universal language, readers will be able to relate more when there is a lover involved.

All in all, there are a multitude of roles in thriller novellas that authors create and these are the most commonly used. When writing any kind of story under whichever kind of genre, it is always important to give make complex characters that are interesting to read about. Without these titular fixtures in novels, there would be no story to tell in the first place.

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